We've Got the Good Stuff
The Celebration Station Home

Memorial Day
to Labor Day:
Open 7 days a week

May & Sept:
Open Fri, Sat, & Sun

Open in October for Cranberry Fest

Open Dec. 26-31
for New Years

Always Open by Appointment!

HWY 27 & 70
Stone Lake, WI


  Crackers / Missiles
Shogun 100's Flashlight Crackers
M-150 Firecrackers
1 1/2" Muskie Firecrackers
American Pride Saturn Missiles
M-2 Crackers
Saturn Missile Battery Rapid Fire
Giant Thunder Bomb String
1 1/2" Firecrackers
Matrix Max Firecrackers
1 1/2" Super Thunder Bomb
Saturn Missile Battery
Saturn Missile Battery 300 Shot
Shogun Crackling Saturn Missiles
M-150 Firecrackers